Microcontroller Based Projects

Utilize Microcontrollers to perform some sort of a Complex Function

Microcontroller Based Projects - Utilize Microcontrollers to perform some sort of a Complex Function

Digital Video Eval Module

8Type: Video

Microcontrollers play a hugely important role in the security industry. A great deal of the role they play is found in applications that have to do with the recording and processing of digital video. This kit allows the user to build a microprocessor-based project that can be utilized to work with digital video applications. This device will be able to work with security cameras, still cameras, portable medical and video products that may not even be available on the market as of yet and much more.

The microcontroller on this device is a Texas instrument’s DM 355 processor with an ARM processor and a maximum clock speed of 216 MHz. The card comes with all the inputs that will be required for the project, including one that supports composite or S video. 2 GB of NAND flash, a USB two interface, the AIC33 stereo codec and 128 MB of DDR2 DRAM. The package has SPI EEPROM, a 5 V single volt power supply, eight LEDs, five pushbutton switches a 4-position DIP switch, expansion connectors for attaching a daughter card to the system, configurable boot loader, and IR remote interface and more.

In essence, what the user will get with this package is everything they need to make a very versatile video system that functions based on a microcontroller. This is a very advanced project, likely suitable for those who have some considerable experience working with electronics and who are beyond the basics when it comes to the functionalities of and working with microcontrollers.

The flexibility of the kit also makes it possible to experiment enough to see for yourself just how much of a role microcontrollers can play in the video elements of security at commercial buildings and in homes.

There are plenty of other different mini projects out there that will demonstrate to a beginner or even a very advanced electronics hobbyist exactly how powerful microcontrollers can be. Remember to take into account the overall difficulty of the project when deciding whether or not to purchase it and, if possible, you may want to look at buying a simpler project that can be expanded into a larger project once it is completed and you have developed the requisite skills by completing the first project.